Rare breed, slow reared

The Berkshire breed pig is a hardy slow growing type of pig. One of the rarest native breeds left in the country it is best suited to living outdoors all year around and produces the riches of flavours as a result.



Hardy breeds, grass fed

Hardy slow growing UK native breeds are bred on the farm, combining the the positive attributes of of those best suited to the environment available to them here in the Roncombe valley



Traditional breeds free ranging

The Norfolk Black is the oldest native UK breed and the Norfolk Bronze isn't much younger. Both are best suited to an adult life spent entirely outdoors where they'd chose to be, browsing the natural forage under the trees and across the unimproved diverse meadows.

Our Story of Success

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Standing out from the croud

Slow grown

The breeds at Partridge Hill are choosen for their suitability to the environment and system on the farm. They are hardy varieties evolved to be more self reliant, able to thrive outdoors all year around, requiring fewer husbandary or veternitary interventions through out the seasons. These advantages are balanced by lower productivity rates than other breeds, they take longer to reach sale weight but in doing so are able to experience more of life and while doing so develop a richer fuller flavour.

Environmental Considerations

The grass fed only sheep flock is inspired by an effort to reduce the impact of the farm's produce on the environment. No cereals are fed to the flock and the lambing season is timed to take advantage of the best grass of season. The supplementary feed for the free ranging and foraging turkeys and pigs is grown and milled in Devon reducing the food-mile impact.

Animal Welfare

The importance of being able to empathise with the livestock on the farm despite accepting their destiny is a vital part of the culture at Partridge Hill. Couple that with an ever growing understanding of animal phycology means that the highest welfare standards possible are the Holy Grail of the farm. Informed by the standards of the RSPCA and Organic institutions these are the guiding principles of the farm and although too small to be certified yet it is in the plan!