Partridge Hill Turkeys are a premium product.

Every attention is made to ensure the highest welfare standards are achieved during the birds lives on the farm as advised by the RSCPA and Soil Association Organic guidelines. It is important that they are able to fulfil their potentical each day and express their natural behaviour.

The turkeys live outdoors for their entire adult life, they are protected at night in fox and rain proof mobile shelters in the field. Straw bedding and sufficient perch space is provided for their comfort, and a system of foraging rotation is in place so they are regularly introduced to fresh vegetation maintaining their simulation and health.

prepared turkey

Every step is taken on the farm to make our turkeys into a premium oven-ready product; What are they?

The birds are slow-reared extensively to full maturity rather than to meet size quotas.

Processing is done on the farm to minimise the stress of the event.

The plucking and dressing is done dry and by hand, we've resisted the easier method of dipping them in petroleum wax which does produce a smoother but with a less authentic finish and reduced eating experience.

The birds are dry aged by being hung in the fridge for a couple of weeks to improve the flavour and texture of the meat. This happens as the excess water is removed which also reduces the required cooking time as well as the sale weight.

Free home delivery is included from Lyme Regis to Exeter

How to order


Orders can be made by emailing or by calling 07986 175612


You'll need to know which breed you'd prefer and what size you'd like, there's information about that below. 

Once you've made an order you'll receive an official confirmation email requesting a deposit of £30 which will be acknowledged once it is received, payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque, or with a card over the phone. 

A couple of weeks before Christmas a schedule will be sent out with a 2 hour delivery time allocated.

The final payment will be on, or after, delivery. It is only once the bird is ultimately prepared for the oven that the sale weight will be known. This can be made by bank transfer, cheque, or card. 





The two traditional breeds

Both best suited to free ranging outdoors in all seasons

The Norfolk Black for the foodie; 

This breed produces a rich flavoured, coloured and textured meat that will surpass any other breed you’ve tried before. It is a long-breasted bird those smaller, though still plump, breast is compensated by its wow-factor flavour.
"I would say that the black turkey from you was the juiciest and tastiest we’ve ever had" SH, Hemyock
"I've never tasted such a good turkey!" DM Westhill

The Norfolk Bronze for the satisfied; 

This breed is a broad-breasted bird so has a large well finished shape with plenty of meat and a milder flavour. Like the Norfolk Black it is a slow-growing breed that thrives in the outdoor environment. Their natural outdoor life at Partridge Hill Farm ensures a juicy and flavourful meat.

"Just to let you know we really enjoyed your big bronze  turkey - still eating turkey soup etc in fact!" CE Sidford

"Best Turkey we've ever had!" GV. Sidmouth

Free Range Turkeys
Number of Servings lb kg £/kg £/bird   GMO Free £/kg  GMO Free £/bird
2-3 8.00 3.50 18.50 64.75   22.49 78.72
4-6 9.00 4.00 17.75 71.00   21.49 85.96
4-6 10.00 4.50 17.50 78.75   21.49 96.71
5-7 11.00 5.00 17.00 85.00   19.49 97.45
6-8 12.00 5.50 16.90 92.95   19.49 107.20
7-9 13.00 6.00 16.70 100.20   19.20 115.20
8-10 14.00 6.50 16.00 104.00   19.20 124.80
9-11 15.00 7.00 15.50 108.50   19.00 133.00
10-12 16.00 7.50 15.20 114.00   18.50 138.75
11-13 17.00 8.00 15.00 120.00   18.00 144.00
12-14 18.00 8.50 14.50 123.25   17.49 148.67
14-15 19.00 9.00 14.00 126.00   17.00 153.00
16-18 20.00 9.50 13.75 130.63   16.50 156.75
18-20 21.00 10.00 13.50 135.00   16.00 160.00
20-22 22.00 10.50 13.00 136.50   15.50 162.75
Turkey Crowns and legs  
Number of Servings lb kg £/kg £/Crown   GMO Free £/kg  GMO Free £/Crown
3-5 7.00 3.00 26.00 78.00   29.99 89.97
5-7 9.00 4.00 22.00 88.00   28.99 115.96
7-9 11.00 5.00 20.00 100.00   27.99 139.95
9-11 13.00 6.00 18.00 108.00   25.99 155.94